Clear-Site-Data Header Reference

The clear-site-data HTTP response header instructs the browser to clear data that is associated with the current site. Developers can use this header to tell the browser to clear the cache, clear the cookies, or clear everything.

Example: Clear All Data

To clear all site data the browser has on the current site, use the wildcard:

Clear-Site-Data: "*"

Example: Clear Site Cookies

To tell the browser to clear the cookies, but not the cache or other stored elements:

Clear-Site-Data: "cookies"

Quick Reference

Clear-Site-Data Browser Support

Chrome Chrome 61+ Since 2017
Firefox Firefox 63+ Since 2018
Edge Edge 79+ Since 2020
Firefox Safari 17+ Since 2023

Try it out

Use the Clear-Site-Data Playground to see what happens when you set a cookie, then hit another page to clear it.